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Puerto Beach Resort is unlike any other resort in the world. Here you will find an emphasis on relaxation with nature — finding peace and rest while enjoying a whole range of natural features.

The Island within an Island

It begins with water! On an island renowned world-wide for its “Underground River” attraction, Puerto Beach Resort features a natural river running through it, which has been tapped to create a clean fresh-water swimming and playing lagoon (seasonal availability). A water-skimming zip line and a rope bridge traverse the lagoon, and flowers and indigenous plantings surround it. You can paddle small boats in it and stop off at the “Island within an Island” — a mini-resort of its own with a central pavilion for special events or laid-back picnics. And of course there is the ocean, and the fantastically beautiful Honda Bay that the resort rest against. Swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, shoreline exploration — all such fun activities are the more enchanting when you make Puerto Beach Resort central to your Palawan vacation!

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